What’s on in Amsterdam
November 2019

What’s on in Amsterdam
November 2019

What’s on in Amsterdam November 2019

Dancing on the Edge (Nov. 13 – 24)

Dancing on the Edge is a festival that moves between different borders, bodies, histories and (pre)conceptions performing arts from North Africa, Netherlands and Middle East.
You are invited you to be part of this very special days and enjoy very different programs running in this Dancing festival.

This Festival has been presenting for 12th years since now and many creators, audience and partners will be part of this experience.
Everyone is welcome at Dancing on the Edge and experience several multimedia installations among more than 60 different artists from Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Iran and also Syria.
There is simply no time for boredom.

Head along to Dancing Festival and enjoy sorts of activities and side attractions in those two special days.
Day fun for all ages is guaranteed!


Arrival of Sinterklaas (Nov. 17. 10 am – 3 pm)

There is a loved Dutch character arriving in Amsterdam in November 2019.
This moment brings joy to kids and adults!

Yes, ‘Sinterklaas 2019’!
This typical Dutch character is loved by children and adults. He comes yearly with his white horse and black Petes (‘Zwarte Piet’). Presents and sweets will be distributed, called “Strooigoed” (special Sinterklaas sweets – Sinterklaas cookies) for those who come to meet the Saint.
As part of the tradition, the Saint also visits schools, main squares, stores and other places. The black Petes are black because they bring presents to the children, entering at their houses by night via the chimney. Every evening the children put a shoe near the chimney, with a personal written letter for Sinterklaas in it and maybe a carrot for his white horse. In return Sinterklaas brings all the good kids presents and sweets, delivered by the black Petes.

The traditional festivities take place each year in Amsterdam, starting mid-November. Don’t forget that this is a special feast which is also yearly celebrated in other countries like Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France (French Flanders, Lorraine and Artois), as well as the Dutch Empire, including Curaçao and Suriname considering the 5th of December, the birthday of Saint Nicolas (Sinterklaas in Dutch), as a public holiday.

Sinterklaas arrives by boat coming all the way from Madrid. He is accompanied by lots and lots of ‘helpers’, called ‘zwarte Pieten’. When arrived in the Netherlands, he will continue his entry by horse through the city, while children are singing special songs for him along the way. Families, specially the kids, are all looking forward to his visit. He will stay in the Netherlands until the 6th of Dec, where he will leave the country again by boat.

You can not miss this traditional event, so come and enjoy his entry in Amsterdam on the 17th of November! Dam Square will be full of spectators!


International Storytelling Festival Amsterdam
(Nov. 20 -22)

Is there a formula for creating a Storrytelling Festival?

There we go! Since 2008, Amsterdam Storytelling Festival became an internationally known storytelling festival.
The Festival has a very special host, the Podium Mozaïek which It is a very nice place with café-restaurant in Amsterdam West besides Mezrab Tolhuistuin and endling in Rotterdam and Utrecht.

This twelfth edition has a absolute best new programme with a new bunch of artistic team which you can not miss it. That is why the invitation is for you to be become part of this very National and International workshops.
The performances and talent on the stage for the best of Dutch and international storytellers.

During the program, many of the stories and tales are told in Dutch but also in English, so sit back, focus, relax, laugh and enjoy with us.

Amsterdam is ready to host you in a very dynamic and diverse locations.
Trust me, you will really appreciate this moment.

What an unforgettable Festival and we will celebrate it with all of you!
Be part of it!


Amsterdam Art Weekend (Nov. 21 – 23)

Are you looking for an enthusiastic, inspiring and internationally event?
So I present “Amsterdam Art Weekend 2019”
We can use so many adjectives to Amsterdam.
Amsterdam Inspires artists, Amsterdam pushes boundaries, Amsterdam develop always the best events…

Each year at the end of November an spectacular event comes to Amsterdam.
Over 100 exhibitions, debates – workshops, performances and performances will take the land.
So it is time you to organize and to find out how to be part of it.

What is Amsterdam Contemporary Art Weekend all about?
The finest contemporary art institutions will be part of it opening their doors and linking the Local community, art institutions and also finest museums in Amsterdam. No doubt you will have a privilege to assist more than 100 events running in the city which include performances and lectures.

The main goal is to shake the city taking peoples attention leading them to get to learn more about Contemporary Art Hub.


Amsterdam Festival of Lights (Nov. 28-Jan. 19)

November comes with the best Festivals ever!
It is the best moment to experience the best light artists from Holland and abroad.

They gather will bring a such amazing moment for those that want to explore the installations on bike, on boat or on foot.
Artists are coming from 16 different countries and will shake Amsterdam with the best Light Festival creating spectacular light sculptures in some special locations of the city.

The Festival has a high quality light art installations since 2012 and since then many people from so many countries come over to experience it.
You can also start being part of it. How? You may also vote for your favorite light installation and on the last weekend of the festival.

The light installations can be admired in different ways and people will be able to connect to some attractions as “Walk or cycle” otherwise having the chance to book your own Tour guided with one of the festival’s official partners. During the day you can also be part of nicest program called cycling and walking tours”.

Your evening will be a magical and memorable experience.
Do not miss it!


Christmas Markets

Looking for more Christmas festivities combined with a nice Christmas Market?
Right here for you the 5 best Christmas Market in Amsterdam.
Check it out and enjoy!

December is a joy season which everyone is looking for a fancy, fuzzy, dazzling lights, Dutch Christmas Food and joyful atmosphere.
If you are visiting our city you better to be part of this magical 5 best markets that the city has for you.
The first Christian Market is thew Ice Village just in the centre of Amsterdam, right by the huge ice rink at at Museumplein running from 17th November till 3rd February.

The second Christian Market is Funky Xmas Market where you can shopping for special Christmas presents, live music, theater and getting a nice food and wine.
Starting from 4th November

The Third is Amsterdamsche Kerstmarket. Only running for two days.
Amsterdam city Christmas Market opened from Friday 22nd – Saturday 23rd December.

You will find a very cozy indoor market with so many benefits and a fantastic Christmas atmosphere.

The Fourth is Amsterdam Winter Paradise From 21st – 30th December. That is not just a Market but a very special Festive dining options and ice skating combined with a nice music playing around. Just get a chance to enjoy it!

Fifth option, there is a place near Amsterdam and you must visit it.
The “Haarlem Christmas Market”. Harlem is a charming little Amsterdam’s sister and spectacular Christmas market in the historic main square which takes place Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th of December.