Meeting Point for all Tours

On Dam Square – next to the Royal Palace
in front of ‘Dam Good Coffee’
Look for the guides with the orange umbrellas.

360 Amsterdam Tours ­Your Travel Gurus

If travelling and exploring with ease is on your mind than 360 Amsterdam Tours is going to be your perfect guide.
A perfect blend of travel you can experience by viewingbeautiful buildings right from the seventeenth century to walking by mesmerising canals, to being awestruck by the radiance of the beautiful flowers, to enjoying boat rides with ancient practices of selling flowers and spices to roaming like freebies on bikes, singing and ringing the bells in and around the beautiful lanes of Amsterdam.
Tourism of any country flourishes if you have good experienced and knowledgeable guides who can take you around places like no other would.
You can experience it by taking our day tours or guided tours whichever fits your budget, time and requirements.
Our day tours are best for those who are on short trips and don’t want to miss on visiting the city so modern and equally rooted to its history.
Yes, Amsterdam Tourism has so much to offer that 24 hours would seem so less to you. So pull up your socks and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime by planning a trip with us by simply making bookings you would never regret.