5 Most Common Questions When You Visit Amsterdam

5 Most Common Questions When You Visit Amsterdam


If you are heading to Amsterdam and aren’t exactly sure about what you are going to do while there, where to go or even how to get around the city, you are most likely going to run into some locals and have simple questions to ask. These are five common questions tourists ask in our store….

What is Going on in Amsterdam Tonight?

Amsterdam is a place filled with plenty of things to see and do with constant variety of city events and fun gatherings that both locals and travelers can participate in. An excellent resource for finding this information out is by simply heading to TripAdvisor and seeing what recent and past travelers of the city have enjoyed the most. Search the term, “most popular bars in Amsterdam” or simply Google, “Amsterdam nightlife” to find out some helpful tips.

How Does Public Transportation Work?

Unfortunately, Amsterdam has quite a complicated public transportation system set in place by the government. However, if you head to http://maps.gvb.nl/en you will find helpful information before making your journey. It is important to remember that if you are going to use the system a lot, you get an anonymous OV-chip card (7.50 Euros) and to always check-in and check-out with a sufficient balance on your card after you are done using the transportation system.

Can I Drink the Water From the Tap?

YES! The tap water you will find in any accommodation you stay in is completely safe to drink and is fantastic to take advantage of! If you are looking to save a few Euros here and there or when you are on a tight budget, the best option would be to bring a reusable water bottle with you and continue to fill it up with the tap water. By doing this, you save a ton of money you can certainly save or spend on something else!

Where is the Iamsterdam Sign?

You and I Amsterdam, a treasure hunt and a long way to search for! The large Amsterdam Slogan quickly became a city icon and it used to be located at the back of the Rijksmuseum on Museumplein. Currently you can find the IAMSTERDAM sign in front of the EYE Filmmuseum in northern part of Amsterdam. To get there, please go to Central Station and take a ferry EYE Filmmuseum direction – it is literally right across from the Lake IJ. It is a 3-minute ride. . You will find a second set of letters at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to welcome visitors to the city (Arrivals 1). The last one is by the Sloterplas lake in West. But because this set was designed as an outdoor free-running, some of the letters are upright and others lie flat.

What Does ‘XXX’ Mean?

The official flag of the city and a symbol that you will see quite often while making your way around Amsterdam. Dating back to almost 500 years ago, the ‘XXX’ symbol is three St. Andrew’s crosses and although it wasn’t originally meant for, the symbol now can be seen in places that relate to the sex and porn industry.