Nice to Know: Dutch Holidays in the Beginning of May

Hello Amsterdam enthusiasts!

No sooner that one holiday is over the next ones are just around the corner, as the first week of May brings us three holidays every year.

So let’s get started:

As in some other countries as well, 01 May is celebrated in the Netherlands as “Labour Day” or “Dag van de Arbeid”. In the Netherlands, the name says it, as on this day people have to work as usual.

After a few more normal working days, the series of holidays continues on 4 May with the national day of mourning, “Doedenherdeking”.

On this day, memorial services are held all over the country in honour of the victims of the Second World War, but the focus is on Dam Square in Amsterdam, where the largest memorial service is held on this day.

The commemoration traditionally begins around 18:50 in the Nieuwe Kerk on Dam Square and ends after half an hour. Afterwards, the king and queen go to the palace, which is also on Dam Square, and then at 19:50 they go to the national memorial to ring in the minutes of silence, which applies throughout the country.

Pretty well timed, isn’t it?

But on 5 May, the “Bevrijdingsdag”, things get much wilder: on this day the liberation of the Netherlands from the German occupation is celebrated.

Let’s assume there is no Corona: at which of the numerous festivals would you like to celebrate? Are you more interested in art and culture, or do you want to celebrate freedom dancing to some hot beats? There are festivities and events in 14 Dutch cities on this day.

Oh yes, we miss the times before Corona.

But if you don’t want Covid to spoil your planned stay, we still have some suggestions for a great day in Amsterdam e.g. with our food tours through two famous neighbourhoods of Amsterdam as well as with some other activities which you can find in our blog “A day in Lockdown in Amsterdam“.

See you soon!

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