Explore Amsterdam from the Water


As you already know, Amsterdam has almost countless canals.

Why not explore them by boat? If you feel like being the captain of a boat for at least one day, you have several options in Amsterdam. For couples, the whole family or just for yourself, there is something for everyone.

Especially when it’s hot and sunny in summer, the water is the best place to be.

Let’s start with a real classic, the typical canal cruise.

A one-hour tour in one of the half-open boats is definitely a must during your visit in Amsterdam. Already at the central station, you will find several providers for a trip in one of the well-known boats.

Another, more active option, is to rent a pedal boat.

There is hardly a better way to get to know the canals than at your own pace in a pedal / canal bike. This activity is especially suitable for families – and it’s also good for your figure, as the boats are powered purely by muscle power. With all those calories burned, there’s definitely room for a delicious ice cream afterwards.

If you prefer to go motorized, but still on your own, there are also various providers, such as “Eco-Boats Amsterdam”. There you can find a boat that fits up to 12 people for only about 50€!

Good to know: Neither with the above-mentioned provider nor with others, a boat licence and / or experience is required. During a short briefing you will learn everything you need to know to have a safe and enjoyable trip on the water.

You can also explore the beautiful canals by canoe or on a SUP board.

These are our suggestions for exploring Amsterdam by water.

If you prefer to go on a tour on solid ground, then take a look at our guided tours!

See you soon!