5 Unusual Things in Amsterdam


In today’s blog we are going to tell you about five areas in Amsterdam that we recommend you to see. Even if Covid is still around, better days are just around the corner.

So let us show you five unusual things to visit in Amsterdam !

Let’s start with the artist community of the NDSM wharf. In the 90’s, Amsterdam started to become a more service oriented city. Many factories had to close. Let me tell you something about the abandoned shipyard that became an art studio… At that time the district wasn’t safe, but as artists started to move in, the neighbourhood became a refuge for the large community of artists. There are around 300 studios that you can visit in this space. Today the former shipyard is an art collective.

If the NDSM wharf is too big for you, maybe you will like to discover the Electric Ladyland. Now that the museums are reopening, you might be tempted to visit the biggest one that Amsterdam can offer you. But why not do it the other way around, by visiting the electric ladyland. The building might not be big, but once the light show starts, you don’t regret getting an appointment for it

You’d like to visit the whole Netherlands, but you don’t know where to start? Why not see everything at once? Let us introduce you to “This is Holland: 5D flight experience”. While visiting this experience you will discover the whole country in less than 10 minutes. In this 5D flight you will see the diversity of the Netherlands and the Dutch must-see locations. “This Is Holland” is located across the IJ waterfront from Central Station. It’s easy to get there with the free ferry. Entrance tickets are 13,50€ for family tickets, and 17,00€ for a regular entrance ticket.

If “flying” isn’t your thing, why not hop on the canals to go on a plastic fishing journey? During this 2-hour boat trip, you will, just like the title says it, travel on the canals to collect plastic. What makes this tour different is that instead of following a premade tour, you will go wherever you can spot a piece of plastic. The tour turns out to be a fun and competitive way to discover the canals while being very environmentally friendly.

I think we can all agree that all of these activities might get you hungry, so we can offer you a food tour in two of the famous districts of Amsterdam ( Jordaan and Nine streets ). This tour is basically a treasure hunt that takes places in the Jordaan or the Nine streets, depending on your preference. There you will have to find your way to different stops, with a little help from our direction cards. But what’s the treasure, you may ask? Delicious bites, all different at each stop! If you’d like to get a few more details about the tour, check out our blog “Must do in Amsterdam – Go culinary hunting”.

We hope that these five ideas might give you a nice idea on what to do in Amsterdam. Of course it is only a small part of what Amsterdam has to offer! If you need some more inspiration, we invite you to look at our other previous blogs.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon in one of our tours!