5 Things to Know Before Going to the Red Light District

5 Things to Know Before Going to the Red Light District


Things to do in Amsterdam Red Light District – There are a few things Amsterdam is very well known for and the Red Light District is absolutely one of them. If you have heard of the RLD but have yet to experience it first hand, here are some things you should know before doing so…

1. Prostitution is Completely Legal

Though prostitution in the country has been going on since the early 1800’s, it was October of 2000 in which window prostitutes can legally flaunt and offer their services. They are even part of a union and unlike many other countries, their jobs are looked upon by other locals like any other profession.

2. It is a Total Maze

If it is your first time in the Red Light District, then you may want to consider heading there with a local guide who can show you around the streets, as it is a complete maze and can get rather confusing.

3. There is More Than Just Red Windows

There is a lot more to the area than just the red lighted windows with women behind them; the RLD is also the home to several unique and beautiful centuries-old churches and architecture. Be sure not to miss these!

4. Some Women May be Pregnant

The women working in the Red Light District are extremely beautiful, but if you do happen to interact with some of them, do not be surprised to find that some are in fact pregnant.

5. The Ramparts Are Extremely Safe

Most tourists automatically assume that it is an unsafe area, but in fact it is full of police and personal security to ensure that guests of the RLD stay safe and that any troublemakers get taken care of quickly and efficiently.