King Square

King Square


King Square, found right between the two canals of Singel at the Heiligeweg and Herengracht in the Leidsestraat, is a spectacular town square filed with plenty to see, do and discover while wandering about. Actually it’s not really a square, but a widening of the street in the extension of the Leidsestraat. King Square arose in 1663 when the water along the Heiligeweg was drained. It is a place that has long been known to serve as a gathering place for the local communities that surround its edges as well as a fun place for tourists and visitors of the city to explore.

While there, you will get to walk down its lovely streets and find yourself surrounded by many inviting cafes, restaurants, shops and bars that are sure to suit any and all preferences. Whether you are spending time there during the day or heading out for a meal and a drink at night, it is always a good time to head to King Square. On the east side, on the Singel, is the famous Flower Market. You’re in the neighborhood so don’t skip this famous market.

Be sure to walk along the beautiful bridge that connects the canals together and don’t be afraid to wander in the many stores there. You never know what you might find! If you are interested in the nightlife, there are several pubcrawls that take place and events throughout the week that would be great to enjoy during your trip.

The free walking tour of 360 Amsterdam will also bring you to those places, if you’re afraid to get lost, join one of their tours during the day.

King Square Details
Address: Koningsplein,1017 BB, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Established: 1663
Locally Known As: Kings Square
Admission: FREE

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