Jewish Historical Museum

Jewish Historical Museum


Holocaust Museum also called the Jewish Historical Museum is a building that has dedicated itself to the long history, religion, and culture of Jewish customs and is located in Amsterdam. Being the only one of its kind in Amsterdam, it is both unique and a must-see for anyone interested in learning and gaining a better understanding of what the Jews went through not too long ago.

The Holocaust museum was established on February 24, 1932, there was recently a seven-year renovation completed in the year 2007. Before that, the museum was recognized worldwide for receiving the Council of Europe Museum Prize in 1989 due to the combination of the presentation of the interior collection and the outward exterior of the actual building.

If you make your way there during your stay in Amsterdam, you will find the prize was certainly well deserved. With over 11,000 art, historical, and ceremonial objects housed within the building, you will get to see only a fraction of those items on display as they change throughout the year. There are two permanent exhibitions that focus on both the traditions and customs as well as a look into what Jewish life looked like back some hundred years ago.

Whether you are a history buff or not, the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam is truly a treasure of the city and one that should be frequented at least once.

Jewish Historical Museum Details
Address: Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1, 1011 PL, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Established: 1932
Locally Known As: Joods Historisch Museum
Admission: Adult (18+) €17 – Youth (13-17) €8.50 Children (6-12) €4.25 – Infants, Free