Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House


The Anne Frank House is a nowadays a memorial to Anne Frank and her family, located at Prinsengracht, next to the Westertoren, 263-267 in Amsterdam. The Anne Frank House is one of the most well known and visited places in Amsterdam (common mistake is that people think you write it like Anne Frank Haus).

On December 1, 1940 Otto Frank moved his businesses Opekta and Pectacon from Singel 400 to Prinsengracht 263. Two years later this house became the famous hiding place of Anne Frank and her family. A true literary novice as well as a truly remarkable and brave young girl, Anne Frank herself spent two years of her life inside this house during World War 2.Hiding from the Nazis along with the seven other people with her including her father, Otto Frank, they were eventually discovered and deported into concentration camps. Throughout her time in the house, Anne Frank kept a journal where she wrote about not only what was happening at the time of hiding but also about her hopeful spirit that kept her alive in the hardest times.

Today, visitors of The Anne Frank House are able to get an up close and personal look inside what it was like for her and the seven other people back in the time of the second World War. Book your visit in advance before you come to Amsterdam. The Anne Frank house is an absolute must for all visitors of Amsterdam.

Anne Frank House in brief
Place: Prinsengracht 263-267, 1016 GV, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opened: 1960
Locally Known As: Anne Frank Huis
Admission: Here

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