Anne Frank, a name with a heavy weight that is known by everyone. It belongs to the Jewish girl who kept a diary during the Second World War, while hiding from the Nazi’s.


She was born in Germany on June 12th 1929. Four short years later, in 1933, the Frank-family moved from Germany’s Frankfurt am Main to Amsterdam. They moved into a house at the Merwedeplein, which at that time was a new and upcoming neighborhood in Amsterdam. Ready to start their lives in Amsterdam, Anne and her sister Margot accepted having to attend a Jewish school, as they were not allowed to join a ‘regular’ public school.


So, imagine that easy-going life in Amsterdam; going to school, helping out with chores at home and having fun with friends, when a destructive war breaks out forcing you and your entire family to hide in a tiny room just to survive. This is what happened to Anne Frank and her family. In 1942 they had no choice but to hide in a narrow room behind Opekta, the company of Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank, at the Prinsengracht 263.


The family lived there from July 6th 1942 till August 4th 1944. During their life there, Anne Frank kept a diary, the book that caused Anne Frank and her moving story to be heard across the globe. While in Amsterdam, you have the possibility to visit the house where Anne Frank and her family lived. However, a more personal way to find out more about Anne Frank and the Second World War is by allowing us to take you on a touching, yet unforgettable Anne Frank Walking Tour. Join us, and let us guide you through Amsterdam in the shadows of the Second World War.