Name: Vincent Werner

Nationality: German

Languages: German & English

About me:

Here is Vincent,

Originally from Lübeck, Germany he has made his way around the world by living in Kenya for six years experiencing diverse cultures and therefore could not relate to the strange Germans anymore, looking for a new home, the freedom, open-mindedness and positive vibes of Amsterdam pulled him here like a magnet. Experiencing multiple adventures since moving to Amsterdam in 2016, Vincent has locked the city into his heart and loves to talk about the history of Amsterdam with a mix of traditional historic and secret insider student knowledge of the city, which might not be what you expect. Making connections with people from all over the world is what inspires him most as a Tour Guide. Meeting so many people in such a short time is a golden opportunity. Previously working in Austria as a rather sporty tour guide making sure people survive the day on their mountain bikes, Amsterdam is a new challenge for him facing totally different dangers than the mountains. Apart from his daily life as International Sports Management student, Vincent enjoys cycling through the rain daily and living a sport lifestyle playing for a local football club, running as much as possible and working out in the Gym to make sure he survives the tours with you without any doping, excluding coffee of course. His vision for the future is to be an entrepreneur in the world of Sports and Sports psychology, helping athletes to reach their full potential and developing sports in Kenya.