Tour Description

What is it about?
Discover art installations on a wintertime night bike ride
This nighttime cycling experience will give you a unique perspective on the Light Art Festival—held for only 53 nights during winter. Not only will it be a beautiful ride, but it is also a moment to reflect, be inspired, and gain a deeper understanding of the Art. Amsterdam transforms into a stunning magical place when the sun sets. The 17th-century canals transform in a breathtaking light-art installation. I have been following this festival for the last three years, and I will reveal the story behind the artworks. I personally know two artists from earlier editions. I am a fan of the artist Ai Weiwei, who made an all-connecting artwork this year. I will share the inspiration of the artists with you, what moved them to make their artwork, and what they wanted to express.
We will cycle over the Herengracht canal—a beautiful, historic part of Amsterdam—where you will see the 35 light artworks. We’ll also visit a stunning garden (recently opened) where Vincent van Gogh lived when he was in Amsterdam.
When can you join:
Every Friday at 17:30
Only available till 26th of January
Where can you find us?
We will meet in front of the Royal Palace on the Dam. Look out for Pink Umbrella.
What are the costs?
How long does it last?
2,5 hours
Whats included:
A bike
A warm, homemade drink
Dutch stroopwafel
Additional info:
Bring warm gloves, a jacket, scarf, and hat. Bring your camera for pictures.
max. 8 People on the Tour
About your guide:
Rocco settled in Amsterdam a few years ago, after traveling to and dancing in over 25 countries. He believe art it is a necessary element of life. Art gives us another view on who we are and what we do. Art reflects us. It is often misunderstood—he experienced this as a dancer—and he made it his mission to bring out the story behind the art so we can appreciate it as it was intended.