Top 10 Most Visited Attractions In Amsterdam

Top 10 Most Visited Attractions In Amsterdam


Amsterdam main attractions – If travelling and exploring new places is what you love, than a visit to the beautiful capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam should be on the top of your list. This beautiful, vibrant, lively city that never sleeps and is known as ‘Venice of the North’ can be travelled by walking along the canals, beautiful parks and museums, to riding a bicycle to various locations and to taking canal cruise and ferries to all the areas in and around Amsterdam.
Whatever you may be interested in, Amsterdam can give you all by visiting beautiful museums, to great coffee shops, the long list of canals, beautiful flower markets and a visit to the red light district would also be an interesting choice.
Wondering what to see in Amsterdam?? Here are the Top Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam or Top sightseeing in Amsterdam that you would not want to miss:


Amsterdam Canals


One of the most famous Amsterdam attractions includes the beautiful canals which have been there since the 17th century. More than 100 canals adds to the beauty of this city and can be experienced in the best way possible when you take a boat ride and enjoy the architecture, the beautiful mansions of the elite and get an insight of the their tradition.

These canals were built to manage Amstel Rivers flow. The whole stretches of canals are lined with beautiful trees adding to the serenity of this beautiful city. You can cross the canals various bridges built. You can rent a houseboat or book with a houseboat hotel and be on the water for as long as you wish to.



An Amsterdam Tourist Attraction which cannot be missed is a visit to the historical Rijksmuseum in Museum Square which is home to many beautiful and renowned artifacts.

This museum has artifacts of great significance and importance since the 13th Century with more than a million artifacts being there. Its beautiful construction started after Pierre Cuypers design won an award and it was opened in 1885.
Some of its famous works include the paintings by Johannes Vemeer, Rembrandt and many more. You would not mind paying for entry here when you get to see ‘Night Watch’, Rembrandts famous masterpiece.


van gogh museum


House to the letters and paintings of Van Gogh is one of Amsterdam’s Tourist Attractions that cannot go unnoticed. His artwork is chronologically displayed to give an insight into his vivid style. His work is displayed in a four story building designed by Gerrit Rietveld.

The different floors have different styles and showcase more than 200 paintings, his struggles in life and the great efforts taken to restore his work and also works of artists like Millet, Daubingy and Gaugin.




This Amsterdam attraction is the central location in Amsterdam which occupies the central land area in the canal system. This district has historical importance and goes way back to the 14th century where sisters of Catholic Beguines resided.

Not a convent in the traditional sense as sisters had the liberty to leave if they wished to get married. Begijnhop Kapel is a wonderful structure with beautiful marble columns, stained glass windows and beautiful architecture. An English Reformed Church is also one of Amsterdam’s attractions. An old wooden house from 1465 is also located here.


Anne Frank House Museum


A visit to the Anne Frank House one of the attractions in Amsterdam which portrays the life of Anne Frank, a girl who along with few other families had to face a lot of hardships by being trapped in this house for around 2 years. They were hiding in hear from the cruelty of the Nazi Authorities during the Second World War. The Anne Frank House is now made a museum for travelers to feel and see closely how they managed to survive here.

This place became of importance after her father published Anne’s diary which had facts and incidents about their life in the hidden building. You can experience and get to know of her life by visiting this house.




A floating flower market which offers a wide variety of flower bulbs, ready to gift flowers and bouquets is the one of a kind flower market which caters not just for the locals but is a big tourist attraction for the flower lovers.

This vibrant and exclusive market for flowers is open throughout the year, so that no tourist can miss visiting here and buying beautiful variety of flowers and taking them home as souvenirs which would be one of the best souvenirs for any flora lover.




Looking to spend a nice day with good food, music and chilled beer with your loved ones with a serene view than the Vondelpark named after the famous Dutch poet Joost Van Den Vondel is the place to visit.

Earlier known as the Nieuwe Park in 1865, this place got its name as Vondelpark after the statue of the 17th century writer and poet was placed here. Louis Royer is the famous designer and sculptor who made this beautiful statue. Do spend a day relaxing and enjoying the beauty here.




A Maritime Museum known as Scheepvaart museum holds and showcases artifacts of the Dutch Navy. In earlier times it was a storehouse of the navy which had around 18 rooms with various artifacts. Sea Trade was amongst one of the main forte of the Dutch making them one of the wealthiest cities in the 1600s.

This multi storey museum depicts the historical sea battles, the weapons used and the maps used drawn in artistic manner. A beautiful replica of the famous ship ‘Amsterdam’ of the 18th century is anchored outside the museum.


DE WALLEN - Red light district


De Wallen is amongst those places to visit in Amsterdam which has a lot of beautiful historical buildings along with the Red Light District, which grants legalized license for sex workers to work here. It has a number of buildings with one room apartments from where the sex workers allure the crowd from their windows with red lights. The police here are very vigilant making it a safe place for the people living or visiting here.

Photography is strictly prohibited in this area. De Wallen also is home to the oldest church in Amsterdam, few beautiful historical buildings with great archaeology and good multi cuisine eating joints and cafes.




The western vicinity of the Dam Square showcases this awe inspiring architecture. The records of this magnificent architecture chart its way from being the City Town Hall to a palace where Napolean’s brother Louis was christened as King Louis I of Holland.

The famous builder Jacob van Campen constructed the palace with a sandstone exterior so as to lend it a Public buildings touch of Roman era, the interiors however exult the royal aura of the 1800’s empire style.
To Amsterdam off you go, drop your hat and enjoy the show.