Stamppot, kroketten, frikandellen, pannenkoeken, poffertjes, patat, stroopwafels, to name just a few examples of typical Dutch food. Did you already hear about all of them?

Stamppot can be described as a healthy typical Dutch dish. Although, healthy? It depends on how you make it and what you combine it with. Stamppot is made of mashed potato and vegetables. Normally stamppot is eaten with meat. This can be some kind of sausage or another piece of meat. Then, to finish off the dish, you can add a sauce to it, called ‘jus’, pronounced as ‘sjuu’. This is usually the gravy that comes from baking the meat.

Than, kroketten, frikandellen and patat are a lot less healthy. Kroketten and frikandellen are fried snacks made of meat. ‘Patat’ are just the fries that everybody knows. But did you know that here in Holland we eat fries just with mayonnaise as a meal? Obviously, this is not something you should eat every day, but every now and then we Dutchies like to treat ourselves whit this typical Dutch snack.

Pannenkoeken are pancakes but thinner and a bit sweeter. Poffertjes can be seen as small pancakes.

And last but not least, stroopwafels! These typical Dutch cookies are made of two thin waffles with caramel syrup in between. Yes, they are as delicious as they sound. Want to try them? Come visit our shop at Dam Square 8 and we will give you a free stroopwafel if you go to Dam Good Coffee; the coffeeplace that is right below our shop.

Hopefully, you are even more tempted to come to Amsterdam now and we see you soon!