Saskia Laroo took birth on 31 July 1959, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She is a musician and a multi-instrumentalist who plays saxophone, Trumpet, vocals, piano, cornet, and upright bass. Saskia Laroo’s music touches on the genres like bossa nova, post-bop, jazz rap, Nu jazz, and jazz fusion. She is famous with the name of Lady Miles Davis.

Saskia Laroo has released seven albums and has done a great job in each one of them. Her first album got released in 1994 titled as It’s Like Jazz followed by Bodymusic in 1998, Jazzkia in 1999, and Saskia Laroo meets Teddy Edwards feat. Ernie Andrews – Sunset Eyes 2000. Saskia’s further albums were Really Jazzy in 2008, Two of a Kind in 2011 (Saskia Laroo and Warren Byrd), and Live in Zimbabwe in 2014.

Saskia Laroo is going to do a stage rendition in Amsterdam on Friday, 17 March 2017, 20:00

Address: – Pompstation, Zeeburgerdijk 52, Amsterdam, Netherlands.