Tour Description


Follow the footsteps of Rembrandt during the Golden Age of Amsterdam. Hear all about his life, his most famous paintings and stories about his loved ones.

Old Church, Zuiderkerk, Waterloo Square, Rembrandt Square, Dam Square.

Meeting Point: Dam Square

Language: Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, German or French.


2 hours – Group Tour incl. guide
1-7 persons €60 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours
8-20 persons € 14,50 per person
21-40 persons € 13,50 per person
41 persons or more € 12,50 per person
Every extra hour € 03,00 per person

Bike € 07,00 per person
Van Gogh Entrance Ticket € 17,00 per person
Open Boat (max 15 persons) € 10,00 per person