Does it still snow in Amsterdam? How warm does it get during summer time? Is it always this rainy? Just some questions about the changing weather in Amsterdam. To answer just these three questions: We do not really get snow anymore in Amsterdam; during summertime the average temperature is around 21 degrees Celsius and yes, it is always rainy.


The weather in Amsterdam is changing. Just a few years ago we were able to ice skate on the beautiful canals. Can you imagine how beautiful that must be? Nowadays, during wintertime the weather is basically just cold and wet. Summertime keeps getting warmer but unfortunately sometimes also rainy. But, does this keep us from riding our famous bikes? Of course it does not. As a matter of fact, we have so-called regenbroeken (rainpants), pants you wear over your normal pants to prevent them from getting wet. During summer, the place where you can find most Amsterdammers is in the Vondelpark or on one of the many terraces in the city. Summers are getting warmer and warmer, so on very hot days the beaches close to Amsterdam are full of people searching for some cooling-down in the sea.


It is clear that in recent years the climate is changing. Of course we do not really mind that it is getting warmer, but unfortunately the reason why this is happening is not a good one. The reason why the weather in Amsterdam is changing? Global warming. There is no hard evidence that global warming is changing the weather, but it is very clear that in recent years the weather in Amsterdam is really changing.


Want to visit Amsterdam? The entire year is great to visit this lovely city. That is one of the things that make Amsterdam such a nice city; every season has its own charm.