How to Survive Amsterdam in the Middle of the Summer

How to Survive Amsterdam in the Middle of the Summer

When it comes to Amsterdam summers, you can be most certain about two things: there are going to be loads of tourists and the weather is going to be quite warm. Summer is of course the most popular time of the year for people from all over the world to come and enjoy the city’s amazing things to see, do, and discover. If you happen to be one of those, here are some tips for surviving those summer days in Amsterdam…

Your Heat survival Kit

1. A fan (for men who are ashamed for this, try to find a suitably sized and rigid booklet). These things are especially useful on public transport where air conditioning is inadequate.
2. A bottle of water. Refill your bottle at the public drinking water fountains you’ll find throughout Amsterdam or just tap water. A bottle of water is a life-saver during summer days.
3. Suntan lotion! use suntan lotion for frequent re-application, and insect repellent in the late afternoon or evening.
4. An umbrella for when the sun gets really hot.

Plan Ahead

This goes for where you are going to be staying and for the weather as well. Be sure to do some research on what the temperatures and climate are going to be during your stay in Amsterdam and pack accordingly. Although many days are around 18-22 degrees Celsius, there are those certain days in Amsterdam where the temperatures can get up to the 30’s. On these days, it’s going to be extremely hot and humid so be prepared. As far as accommodation, planning ahead is important seeing as the prices in Amsterdam sky rocket during this tourist season.

Be Nice to the Locals

As you already can imagine, with so many tourists in the city during summer, it means that the locals can often feel extremely crowded with no escape to a cooler place or simply a less crowded place. Many of them who don’t rely on tourists for their businesses will become very irritated during the summer peak season months, so always be patient with them and have a friendly attitude toward them. After all, it is their city you are in!


Escape the “Heat”

Depending on your attitude and length of visit, you may find that being inside the city center and in the midst of all the other thousands of tourists all the time will become very exhausting. Do some research and head just a little outside of town to enjoy some more peace and quiet away from all the crowds. There are plenty of places nearby that offer just as awesome of things to do where you are sure to have just as much fun.

Make Friends with Locals

If you take the advice to be friendly and nice to the locals, you may get a few friends out of it, which means they have the insider’s scoop as how to survive some city breaks during the mid-summer in Amsterdam. They probably know of less crowded touristy places to head to and you’ll be invited to go along for the ride!