The Tree Sawyer

In a tiny park, just behind the busy Leidseplein (Leidsebosje) you can find the sculpture of a little man sawing the branch of a tree. Look for him at the entrance of the park, next to Hotel Americain. It’s an anonymous sculpture that was found here in the 80’s.

By now the Tree Sawyer is quite a famous guy in Amsterdam and locals often look up to greet him when they pass by. Be aware though, that others might think you are crazy, when it seems you randomly stare at the top of a tree. Maybe if you wink at them, they’ll also discover the secret.

Tragically enough a few months ago the small artwork disappeared from its spot after a rough storm in Amsterdam. The branch had broken off and we were all sad because we figured the job was done now. Luckily though the sawyer found a new branch and we can admire him again.

This anonymous sculpture is not on his own in the city, you can even find five others in different areas. Most likely you’ll stumble over the famous Hand on a Breast near the Old Church in the Red Light District.

Rumour has it that is was our former queen Beatrix that made the sculptures. Probably we’ll never know for sure, since of course she will never admit she has made that last one. The municipality at one point declared that the sculptures were made by a retired doctor. Still, would you believe that? We are still doubting.

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