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Saskia Laroo, Pompstation, Amsterdam, 17 March

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Saskia Laroo took birth on 31 July 1959, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She is a musician and a multi-instrumentalist who plays saxophone, Trumpet, vocals, piano, cornet, and upright bass. Saskia Laroo’s music touches on the […]

  • Loreena Mckennitt

Loreena Mckennitt, Koninklijk Theater Carré, Amsterdam, 16 March

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The complete name of Loreena Mckennitt is Loreena Isabel Irene McKennitt. He took birth on February 17, 1957 in Morden, Manitoba, Canada. She is a skilled Musician, producer, and singer-songwriter. Loreena is a multi-instrumentalist as well, who […]

  • Tom chaplin

Tom Chaplin, Paradiso, Amsterdam, 15 March

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Tom Chaplin is also known as Thomas Oliver Chaplin, who took birth in Hastings, East Sussex, England on 8 March 1979. Tom plays a variety of musical instruments and makes his music using the Alternative […]

  • fenech soler

Fenech-Soler, Bitterzoet, Amsterdam, 15 March

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Fenech-Soler is a band that is originated from Kings Cliffe, England. The band, Fenech-Soler marks its existence from 2006 and the main element of their music is electropop. The band is made up of two members Ben […]

  • Maren Morris

Maren Morris, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 14 March

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People know her by the name of Maren Morris. Her birth name is Maren Larae Morris. She took birth in Arlington, Texas, U.S. on April 10, 1990, and is based in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. Maren […]

  • Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 13 March

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The birth name of Pete Doherty is Peter Doherty, who took birth in Hexham, Northumberland, England on 12 March 1979. This English musician, actor, songwriter, poet, artist and writer is active in this industry since […]

  • John Heckle

John Heckle, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 11 March

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John Heckle is a Merseyside, United Kingdom born DJ and record producer. John is associated with the labels like Mathematics Recordings, Crème Organization, Tabernacle Records, Lunar Disko, etc. He has a rich repertoire and immense […]

  • Battleme

Battleme @ Checkpoint Charlie in Amsterdam, 11 March

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Battleme is another name of Matt Vondy who is originated from Austin, Texas, U.S. Matt is active in the music industry since 2009 and is also associated with the band Lions as a lead singer. He […]

  • Dave Hause

Dave Hause, Bitterzoet, Amsterdam,10 March

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Dave Hause took birth on March 12, 1978 in Philadelphia, United States. He is a renowned songwriter and musician whose main elements are Punk rock, folk rock, alternative rock, and Americana. He plays guitar and piano and […]

  • Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez, Paradiso, Amsterdam, 9 March

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Tory Lanez is known by his birth name, Daystar Peterson. He was born in Brampton, Canada on July 27, 1992. Tory is a singer-songwriter, rapper, director, and record producer. The Canadian virtuoso is active in […]

  • Birdpen

Birdpen, Sugarfactory, Amsterdam, 9 March

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BirdPen, the English band, plays the rock music in style. The crew of the band includes Dave Pen and Mike Bird. The band got its name from both the members’ last names.

The discography of the […]

  • Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello, Koninklijk Theater Carré, Amsterdam, 8 March

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The birth name of Elvis Costello is Declan Patrick MacManus, who was born in Paddington, London, England on 25 August 1954. Elvis Costello is known by multitude of names and is a musician, singer/songwriter, and […]

  • Tove Lo

Tove Lo, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 8 March

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Tove Lo is also known as Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, who took birth on 29 October 1987, in Stockholm, Sweden. She is a Singer/ songwriter and also plays drums and piano. She has been active […]

  • Nathalie Stutzmann

Nathalie Stutzmann, The Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 7 March

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Nathalie Stutzmann took birth in 1965 in Suresnes, France. She is a renowned Opera Singer and Orchestral Conductor. She plays the piano, bassoon and also lends her voice. Her music touches on the genres like […]

  • Tasseomancy

Tasseomancy @ Sugar Factory in Amsterdam, 5 March

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Tasseomancy is a Canadian band founded by twin sister duo Sari and Romy Lightman. They play the experimental music and are active in the music scene since 2008. Both of the sisters are signed to […]

  • Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 6 March

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Darius Carlos Rucker or Darius Rucker took birth on May 13, 1966. He is a great singer- songwriter, and also plays the instrument, guitar. His sound touches on the genres like Rock, pop, R&B, and […]