Amsterdam Noord

Hey Amsterdam lovers!

We are once again coming back with another blog about some activities in Amsterdam. This time we will focus on the northern part of the city called Amsterdam-Noord. This part of the city might not seem like a touristic part but there is definitely something to see and to do in this area. 

The NDSM Wharf
In a previous blog called 5 unusual things to do in Amsterdam we already talked to you about the NDSM wharf. It was an abandoned shipyard that artists decided to transform into an Art Gallery. Now the buildings look astonishing with lots of art inside and outside.

In front of the Wharf, you will see some boats and the view of the other side of Amsterdam. If you want to see more, why not get at the top of the A’DAM lookout where you will be able to see Amsterdam from another perspective, but also hop on a swing at the top if you are brave enough!

EYE FilmMuseum
The EYE FilmMuseum contains a huge collection of film posters, machines in Dutch and other cultures. The building is easily recognizable with its unique architecture. Moreover it’s an iconic building of Amsterdam that you can see from Centraal Station as soon as you arrive. 

Amsterdam is known for always being in construction, so seeing a Crane at Amsterdam Noord might not seem bizarre. But the particular thing about this crane is that it’s actually a Hotel. Yes, you read me right, it’s an AirBnB that you can rent to sleep in. And it doesn’t stop there, there is a full jacuzzi on the roof of it. So if you want to sleep in a unique place with a jacuzzi, the crane hotel is for you. 

Besides some fun activities, there are also a lot of nice restaurants or bars to have a drink or eat some tasty food. There is even a restaurant made out of old sea containers where you can experience a special ambience.